Alto Professional Live Series Mixers

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Alto Professional Live Series Mixers


Each microphone channel is outfitted with a high-headroom ultra-low-noise DNA microphone preamp for unprecedented sound quality and a robust audio signal path. Live Series’s high headroom results in cleaner mixes, a purer signal path, and loud, punchy audio. Onboard analog compression helps control dynamics and gel instruments together for a cohesive, defined mix. With high headroom, pristine sound, and built-in dynamic control, Live Series ensures that the full dynamic range of your mix comes across with striking clarity. Record your mix directly to a Mac or PC with a single USB connection. Live Series’s built-in USB port allows engineers, pro- ducers, and performers to convert two channels of 24-bit audio (Main Mix or Sub Mix 1/2) straight to a computer. The USB connection is bi-directional, enabling sound files stored on your computer to be streamed to and played through Live Series.