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The changes include an LCD colour screen, new ways to sample, redesigned pads and VST and AU support on the device, meaning users can tweak parameters on virtual instruments without using the computer.


Push 2 gives users three different ways to sample; slicing mode, which lets users chop up long samples and assign them to individual pads MPC-style; classic mode, where melodic samples can be turned into and used as a pitched instrument and; one shot mode, which plays the sample for its full length no matter how long a pad is held for.


The pads were redesigned to be more responsive, as well as softer and smoother, for easier use when playing live. In conjunction with the Push 2, Ableton Live 9.5 has been announced, and features the new and improved Simpler sampler, as well as analogue modelled filters which more truly reflect the characteristics of analogue devices and other additions.


To allow Push users to not have to sell the house to afford the upgrade to Push 2, Ableton are running a trade in program which gives customers 30% off the new Push 2 when they trade in their original Push. The traded in devices will then be refurbished and donated to music programs for young people around the world, along with Ableton Live software – all free of charge.





Push 2 is available now. For more information, visit: