Poly Effects Hector is a virtual modular system that works with modular systems

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Poly Effects Hector is a virtual modular system that works with modular systems

Words by Sam McNiece

Yo dawg, they put a modular rack inside your modular rack...

Poly Effects would make Xzibit proud with Hector. This virtual modular system, derived from their synth stompbox Beebo, fits snugly inside existing modular synth setups, for a pimped up modular rack ‘Inception.’ Through its touchscreen you can create modular synth patches which you can then route to your physical modular rack, for further processing.

What you need to know:

  • Poly Effects have released Hector, a virtual modular system that fits in a standard Eurorack setup.
  • The touchscreen controlled device contains over 100 modules including effects, filters, LFOs. and convolution reverbs.
  • The device is an iteration. of their Beebo pedal and is available to pre order now.

Read all the latest product news here.

Hector is an 6 in, 8 out system with over 100 modules to build patches with. It’s controllable by USB MIDI and 1/4″ CV and begs the question, how deep does the rabbit hole go?

This modular unit is a beast. You may only need a few modules to pair with it as the list of 100 modules available is more than enough to be creating music from here to eternity. There’s all the classic modular components such as CV to MIDI, ADSR, envelope generators and filters alongside sweet digital effects including granular, flange, phasers, convolution reverb and even a euclidian sequencer.

Not only can you patch these whichever way you like via the touchscreen, there’s a whole world of parameters per digital module on Hector. With all these parameters, it seems wise to pair this unit with a MIDI controller of some sort to be able to meld and bend the sound whilst playing.

Included in the unit are digital replicas of Mutable Instruments Eurorack modules, with the ability to use them all at once on a physical system, not just within VCV Rack, which already makes Hector basically pay for itself.

With Hector, the power of digital processing meets the tactility of modular synthesis and will provide endless opportunities for its users, and if you own a Poly Effects Beebo unit, they share the same hardware and therefore presets can be swapped between them.

Check out this video below detailing the device in detail.

Head to Poly Effects to check out the Hector Virtual Modular System.