KRK update their KNS headphones with 6402 and 8402 models

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KRK update their KNS headphones with 6402 and 8402 models

Words by Sam McNiece

Modernising both designs with sharp looks and more.

Legendary speaker manufacturer KRK have announced an update to their KNS headphone line. Both the KNS 6400 and 8400 receive new looks and a few changes under the hood to become KNS 6402 and 8402.

What you need to know:

  • KRK have released new iterations of their two flagship headphones, KNS 6402 and KNS 8402.
  • Designed to sound like their speaker counterparts, these two new KNS editions from KRK are affordable, professional headphones.
  • As with its predecessors, the KNS 6402 is designed for at home, while the KNS 8402 is for the studio.

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“KNS headphones are my personal go-to; they faithfully replicate what I’m listening to and quickly replaced my much more expensive pair,” says Sterling Doak, Director of Marketing for Gibson. “New and improved, we’ve taken our favorite headphones up a notch with a strong build and feather-weight comfort. For anyone from music hobbyists to professional engineers searching for a pair of professional headphones without breaking the bank, KNS is a fantastic option.”

Being on the market for over 10 years, the KNS line has had a fair run without any new iterations. KRK, with the new line have improved durability and comfort on both models, plus a fresh design to stand out in the modern day. Headbands on both models feature a self aligning yoke for a comfortable fit and are constructed with impact-resistant plastic to ensure longevity.

Both headphones received a new look, but the KNS 8402 looks stunning in all black. The sleek look is backed up by 30dBA of isolation, 124dB maximum SPL rating and a frequency response of 5-23kHz. KRK’s KNS 6402 has similar specs (26dBA, 122dB SPL, 10Hz-22kHz), but this model is intended for at home producers while the 8402 is designed for the studio.

Carried over from the previous line is the interchangeability of their accessories. There’s an array of headphone cables, including ones with volume controls and of different lengths to choose from, as well as replaceable head and ear cushions to ensure longevity of the product.

Finishing off describing the new iterations, Doak says, “plus, with excellent isolation performance, KNS headphones let you focus on the music, without distraction from external sounds.”

Head to KRK to check out the new KNS headphones and for local enquiries get in touch with Jands.