Erica Synths unveil modular Desktop Matrix Mixer with infinite possibilities

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Erica Synths unveil modular Desktop Matrix Mixer with infinite possibilities

Words by Sam McNiece

Patching just got a whole lot easier, and more complex.

Have you ever wanted to patch your LFO to 16 different places but didn’t want to use up your precious buffered multiples rack units? Erica Synths have got you covered, with their new Desktop Matrix Mixer, which makes changing patches a breeze.

What you need to know:

  • Erica Synths have announced a 16 input/output matrix for use with Eurorack synthesisers.
  • The controller allows for 256 connections between all inputs and outputs with three volume levels.
  • Additional features include randomisation, pattern memory and pattern change via MIDI.

Read all the latest product news here.

Modular is great and all, until you want to show your friend a patch you made a few weeks ago. Having to remember exactly where everything went and how to get it there may not work out as planned, especially if you didn’t take special note of where everything was patched to.

Enter the Desktop Matrix Mixer. Boasting 16 buffered, DC coupled all analogue inputs and outputs, allowing for 256 connections to be made between them. The device has two knobs, one for each axis and lets you scroll through the matrix, creating and removing connections at will.

With clever patching and the ability to save 254 matrix patterns, you can use this unit to arrange different parts of performances, making live play a lot simpler.

As much as possibilities are ‘endless’ with modular setups, using the Desktop Matrix Mixer means less cables and more customisation within your rig.

In addition to all this, there’s randomisation available. You can let the device patch everything, everywhere or define a range for it to randomise patches. No more creative blocks, let the machines create your compositions for you!

The Erica Synths Desktop Matrix Mixer is available for pre-order now through their website and is expected to start shipping July 26, 2021.

Check out this clever unit in action below.

Head to Erica Synths for more information.