PDP announce Clear Acrylic Kit and Snare for their 25th Anniversary

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PDP announce Clear Acrylic Kit and Snare for their 25th Anniversary

PDP Acrylic Drum kit
Words by Mixdown staff

Pacific Drums and Percussion (PDP) celebrates its 25th Anniversary with the launch of the limited edition Clear Acrylic Kit and Snare Drum.

To mark this occasion, PDP is delighted to introduce the limited edition 4-piece 25th Anniversary Clear Acrylic Kit consisting of a 16 x 22” kick, 16 x 16” floor tom with 7 x 10” and 8 x 12” mounted toms. These drums feature seamless, high-quality acrylic shells that offer a dazzling transparent aesthetic under stage lighting.

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In addition, these drums are fitted with walnut stained hoops which add a throaty element to the trademark fat attack and focused tone of acrylic shells. The toms are mounted with patented Suspension Tom Mount (STM) for increased resonance, while each drum has True-Pitch tension rods with up to 20% additional threads for more accurate tuning and Remo heads.

PDP (Pacific Drums and Percussion)

Each of the drums has a special 25th Anniversary badge, which features palm trees for the classic California vibes drummers expect from PDP. The bass drum head is printed with the same sunset logo fading from warm yellows down the colour spectrum to indigo.

PDP Acrylic snare

Clear Acrylic Snare

The 25th Anniversary Clear Acrylic Kit is complemented by the 6.5 x 14” 25th Anniversary Clear Acrylic Snare. Like the kit, this drum is a special fusion of a seamless acrylic shell, walnut stained hoops with a commemorative badge. The snare features DW’s MAG throw-off, True-Pitch tension rods, and a Remo head. This snare pumps out thick attack with plenty of fat tone.

To find out more about the PDP 25th Anniversary Clear Acrylic Kit and Snare and all the other PDP drums and accessories, visit PDP here or look for #TeamPacficDrums on social channels.