Daniel Lanois on making hit records and his Mojave Audio MA-37

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Daniel Lanois on making hit records and his Mojave Audio MA-37

Daniel Lanois Mojave Audio
Words by Mixdown staff

“Let the room be part of the sound. Let the location be part of the inspiration.”

Daniel Lanois is one of the most legendary producers in the history of popular music. Helming critically acclaimed records by artists such as U2, Peter Gabriel, Willie Nelson, and Neil Young, Lanois has cut a unique cloth in the industry with his singular dedication to crafting unique sonic identities for each artist and album. Lanois sat down with Mojave Audio at his private studio in LA to chat about his penchant for exploring off-beat recording locations and his love of the new Mojave Audio MA-37 in the latest from the brand’s YouTube interview series.

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Daniel Lanois

In conversation with the Mojave Audio team, Lanois describes his formative experiences as a young engineer when he realized the untapped sonic potential of unique recording locations outside of his well-appointed studio in Hamilton. Seeking an opportunity to ‘get out of the padded room’ and let these different types of rooms influence the sounds of his recordings, the experience was a game changer for his career. “What I like about modern times is that you can make a record anywhere you want,” he says. “I’ve been on that path since I was a kid because I always liked unusual locations.”

Mojave Audio MA-37

Lanois also discusses his philosophies on vocal mics and the importance of correct pairing between vocalist and microphone. His love of the classic Sony C-37A led him to Mojave Audios’ evolution of the design with the MA-37. “The Mojave has a very full bodied sound – beautiful bass, low mids, and midrange, and then a silky top,” he says. “It has that presence built in.”

“It’s amazing that [Mojave] has done this. Brand new stuff that sounds as good as it ever did with the old ones. This dirty dog will sniff its way all the way to the hit parade!”

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