Paul Wolff of API fame and Jared Vogt of TL Labs partner for Wolff Audio

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Paul Wolff of API fame and Jared Vogt of TL Labs partner for Wolff Audio

Paul Wolff

Paul Wolff is behind some hugely famous audio designs including API, Tonelux and, more recently, Fix Audio Designs has teamed up with DCA, the innovation of Jared Vogt of TL Labs.

Paul Wolff and Jared Vogt

Paul Wolff has spent the last few years refining Fix Audio Designs. Vogt’s TL (Trillium Lane) Labs was a pioneering Pro Tools plugin manufacturer, before being acquired by Digidesign in 2006.

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The pair have paired up to offer the ultimate in analogue and digital design, Wolff’s designs offering the best in the analogue world, combining premium components with functional albeit complex routing, allowing engineers to work however they wish. DCA and Vogt will offer all of this with Vogt’s knowledge of the digital realm, planning to provide digital controlled hardware in the form of large and medium format recording consoles, analog processors, mic pres, equalisers and compressors.

Fix Audio Designs

Increased digital control offers additional recallability, form and function, while digitally controlled equipment doesn’t require knobs and buttons to be turned and pressed, eventually wearing out. Wolff’s history in audio has led him to increasingly modern and modular design, his Fix Audio consoles being used by the likes of Greg Wells (Adele, Katy Perry, Snow Patrol), Valhalla Studios in New York and Underground Audio in Brisbane.

The birth of Wolff Audio sees Fix Audio Designs become Wolff Audio, ushering a new era for Paul himself. The collaboration was announced as part of AES in New York.

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