Out now, the new pop anthem from Salty “Why Don’t We”

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Out now, the new pop anthem from Salty “Why Don’t We”

Salty Why Don't We

There’s not many artists that define ‘Pop Princess’ like Salty does.

Hailing from Sydney, Salty brings a fully choreographed live set, existential pop anthem in her new single “Why Don’t We” – with lyrics exploring letting go and living life without fear of judgement or failure.

Written by Salty and her best friends Charley and Cyrus Vill and mixed by Robby De Sa (MAY-A, The Veronicas, Vera Blue), the new single is an announcement of sorts: Salty has something to say and she’s here for the long run. “Why Don’t We” arrives after a few successful years on TikTok as well as the live stage, Salty has the energy of the next big thing in pop, churning out back-to-back bangers amongst live performances to promote them.

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“Why Don’t We” expands our expectations of Salty, pushing the envelope beyond pop, and having the energy of someone really having found their voice in their writing. There’s sure to be an enigmatic and captivating live show to go along with all this, having already shared the stage with the likes of MAY-A and Budjerah.

“It’s that one song that I have felt so strongly about ever since I wrote it – sitting in my playlist for over two years, screamed to in my car hundreds of times, shared with my closest circle of people.” 

A little glimpse into the energy emanating from “Why Don’t We”, and something we can all relate to. Salty’s sound is ultimately more musical than a lot of pop, having penned this one on an acoustic guitar before elevating the arrangement with her trademark, larger than life pop production, while still staying true to her own voice and sound.

“Why Don’t We” rounds out Salty’s palette of sound, ranging from her debut single “Je Ne Sais Quoi (feat. Taka Perry)”, lo-fi exploration “Limbo”, alter-ego anthem “Lucy” and the tongue-in-cheek “Exaggerator”, “Why Don’t We” explores the darkness a little, Salty leaning into our view on free will, happiness and our finite time here on Earth – so why not have some fun with it? Why don’t we?

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