Avid to offer AudioMovers bundle

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Avid to offer AudioMovers bundle


Collaboration is something we see at all levels of music, and in all facets.

More so than ever, especially in recent years, we’ve had to seek out ways to seamlessly work, create and collaborate with other makers when we aren’t able to work face-to-face. Avid ProTools has had cloud-based collaboration offerings for some time, and while it helps us create music, it’s not designed to be used to stream audio to clients for revisions and feedback.

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AudioMovers have rocketed to the mainstream in the last few years, primarily because of their ListenTo plugin. ListenTo, simply put, streams uncompressed audio straight from your DAW to whoever needs to hear it, with multiple output options available depending on how you’re making music. Quickly picked up by engineers across the globe who needed a way to power through mix revisions when clients weren’t able to ‘attend’, ListenTo has been as invaluable a tool as our DAWs themselves.


It makes sense then, that AudioMovers and Avid have moved to offer a ListenTo/ProTools bundle for collaboration on one of the most used DAWs on the planet. ListenTo, which offers 32-bit, 96 kHz multichannel audio (including Dolby Atmos), is now available with both ProTools Studio and ProTools Ultimate. ListenTo Basic is free for a year with a new purchase of a ProTools Studio subscription, and AudioMovers Pro is free for a year with a purchase of a Pro Tools Ultimate subscription.

AudioMovers also offers a growing suite of plugins for a streamlined workflow, including Omnibus 2.0, a virtual patchbay for your Mac, Web Transmitter, a ListenTo style plugin that streams lossless audio from your browser. There’s also now Inject, a plugin to easily route audio in and out  of any channel of your DAW.

If you already have an active subscription, you can still get 25% off an annual subscription of limited AudioMovers products. If AudioMovers is good enough for industry heavyweights like George Massenburg, Jesse Ray Ernster and Josh Groban— it’s good enough for you.

More info, visit Avid.