Our NAMM 2024 wrap-up!

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Our NAMM 2024 wrap-up!

NAMM 2024
Words by Mixdown staff

From guitars to software, the last few weeks have revealed where the products we use, and therefore our industry, are heading.

NAMM 2024 is a huge wave, crashing down on the music and audio industry in January every year, providing a staggering catalogue of new products from just about everyone involved in making music.

It can be a lot to process, so we’ve compiled some of the most exciting new stuff for you!

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Pro Audio announcements at NAMM 2024

Harrison Audio 500 series

Harrison are a company that has been around for decades, building consoles in the 70s, innovating with “in line” console design, Harrison have more recently revealed their MixBus DAW, re-issued 32C consoles, and now for 2024 they’ve revealed their first 500 series modules.

The new modules include the 32Cpre+ microphone preamplifier, the MR3eq 3-band parametric equaliser, and the Comp compressor. The new 500 series modules are shipping now and will be available for purchase at authorised retailers by the end of January.

Radial Engineering

Radial Engineer are probably most famous for their unbelievably robust direct boxes, the chassis’ being found on just about every stage and studio in the world.

Radial Nuance Select

2024 sees them reveal a premium monitor controller in the Nuance Select. The Nuance Select has inputs for two sources, allowing you to switch between two sets of monitors, as well as a subwoofer output and toggle button.

Radial Cat 5 Catapult Rack Unit

These rack units take the success of Radial’s Catapult Cat 5 boxes, as triple them into a tidy 1U rack unit. The TX features 12 locking female XLR > Cat 5, while the RX features 12 male XLR connectors.


Slate Digital revolutionised in-the-box mixing with the release of their original Raven work surface, and this year sees the touch-screen design refined in the new Raven MTI MAX.

The MTI MAX features a gorgeous, 2K and 4K touchscreen, with up to 32 high-precision multi touch faders. Installed is the all-new RAVEN 4.0 software, with over 400 multi touch “gestures” to get you moving fast, while also having Batch Commander assigns multiple actions to a single button.

Genelec 9320A Reference Controller

Genelec are a flagship producer of studio monitors, and have been for decades, while also featuring room treatment, measurement and correction software. It only makes sense then, for them to produce an equally usable monitor controller in the 9320A Reference Controller.

The 9320A Reference Controller offers management of multiple Smart Active Monitoring systems from stereo to immersive and beyond, and comes complete with a factory-calibrated reference microphone to allow automated system calibration and control of key GLM software features.

Cranborne HE2

We reviewed the Carnaby EQ a few issues ago, and this year sees the introduction of the HE2, a stereo version of the Carnaby Harmonic EQ, recallable and controlled by a plugin no less!

The HE2 is a 3-band HarmonicEQ features Custom analogue EQ circuit and unique ‘saturation-core’ technology for harmonically-enriched EQ effects. It’s versatile: the Carnaby HE2 supports stereo & dual-mono configurations, as well as mid-side encoding for enhanced control over stereo imaging.

Telegrapher Loudspeakers

For those of us familiar with the No Fun Club YouTube channel, a recording studio in Winnipeg, Canada, you might’ve seen these monitors in their control room. This year’s NAMM sees them officially launched and available to market.

They’ve arrived with three monitors: the three-way Gorilla, the two-way Fox and active subwoofer in the Elephant. Their launch exhibits some eye-catching custom speakers for deadmau5.


Sennheiser HD 490 Headphones

These are an interesting one, a refined and modern take on comfortable, professional music production and engineering headphones – but they come with a copy of dearVR’s MIX-SE software! dearVR allows you to use emulations of different listening spaces to check and refine your mix.

The “Control Room” area of MIX-SE’s GUI allows you to adjust the Ambience and Focus of your selected control room, with options ranging from Mix Room A and B, Analytic Dry to a Car, Club, Living Room, Stadium and more. Gone are the days of immediate regret in the car, once everything has been saved, exported and your computer shut down!

Audeze Head Tracking

Audeze have been producing stellar headphones for some time, combining premium comfort and unparalleled sound. At NAMM 2024, they unveiled the official release of head tracking integration for their Maxwell headsets, expanding support for Dolby Atmos® binaural rendering.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition

Celebrating its centennial, beyerdynamic – the preferred audio brand for musicians and studio professionals around the world – is embarking on a new chapter with the announcement of a limited – edition version of the classic DT 770 PRO.

Handmade in Germany, the all – new DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition blends the reference – setting features of the DT 770 PRO with the dynamic STELLAR.45 driver system’s flexibility and a detachable cable.


Avid announces Pro Tools and Sibelius updates

Continuing its focus for music creators, Pro Tools will showcase new MIDI effect plugin support and MIDI signal flow improvements, while the open AAX SDK will allow partners to develop new MIDI effect plugins. Also being demonstrated are the new Avid Note Stack, Velocity Control, and Pitch Control, as well as Audiomodern Riffer 3, Modalics EON-Arp, and Pitch Innovations Groove Shaper MIDI effects plugins.

To help deliver pristine audio more efficiently, Avid will preview new development efforts utilising Celemony ARA 2 technology to integrate award-winning technologies like iZotope’s RX Spectral Editor, Sound Radix Auto-Align, and SynchroArts RePitch into Pro Tools. This will provide users with more fluid workflows to repair, clean-up, and pitch correct audio, without the need to roundtrip between applications.

Musical Instruments

Sterling by Music Man

Sterling have expanded their bass guitar range, as well as a new signature model for virtuoso Jason Richardson.

A long awaited addition to the lineup, the Sterling is a passive bass, featuring an alnico V parallel humbucker that delivers vintage-style warmth and response. With an inviting 30” scale, the ShortScale StingRay features passive electronics with a powerful neodymium humbucker, offering comfort without sacrificing performance.

Engineered specifically to meet the demands of Jason Richardson’s technique, the 7-string Richardson features a custom contoured lower horn for fret access and a roasted maple neck with a rosewood fretboard.

Sterling by Music Man

Korg PS-3300 synthesizer

One of the rarest and most coveted synthesizers in music history: the Korg PS-3300, is coming back.

The PS-3300 FS is a full-scale reissue of the original Korg PS-3300, a legendary and ultra-rare synthesizer designed by legendary Korg engineer Fumio Mieda and produced by Korg in very limited numbers from 1977 to 1981.

The PS-3300 FS reissue marks a new milestone in synth history, and the latest achievement by the same Korg engineering team that brought back iconic machines such as the MS-20, ARP ODYSSEY, miniKORG 700 FS and ARP 2600.

Astral Wireless Guitar

Sound Devices announces the launch of the Astral Wireless Guitar System, a high-performance implementation of the company’s Astral-series wireless product ecosystem designed specifically for use by guitar and bass players.

The A20-TX Smart Guitar Cable and A20-TX Guitar Strap Clip work seamlessly with Sound Devices’ A20-Nexus True-Diversity Wireless Receivers and A20-TX Transmitters to provide the ultimate sonic purity, signal strength, and operating range for a no-compromise wireless experience in any venue.

Gamechanger MOD Series

Gamechanger Audio, a pioneering audio tools manufacturer hailing from Riga, Latvia, is one of the leading innovators in the music technology industry. Their impressive lineup of products showcases their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of music technology.

They say that tone is in the fingers – The MOD Series transforms the musician’s performance into an integral part of the sound effect. Players’ touch, dynamics, and note choices become the primary architects of sound, creating tones and textures that evolve in real-time with their performance. This integration of sound design and musical expression invites musicians on a journey of endless exploration and discovery.

Gamechanger Audio MOD Series


ESP and LTD are no strangers to huge announcements at NAMM, but this year was a big one, combining new models and revised signatures for their artist roster; a who’s who of rock and metal.

To name a few, 2024 sees ESP LTD Bill Kelliher 600 VSSB, a new ESP LTD Eclipse 1000 finished in Camo Satin and a ESP LTD George Lynch Desert Eagle, while Gary Holt has a new ESP LTD Gary Holt SV BLK. Javier Reyes of Animals as Leaders rounds off the new artists models, with revised Phoenix, M-Series and Eclipses following!

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