Novation have unveiled the FLkey range

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Novation have unveiled the FLkey range

Words by Cambell Courtney

A pair of MIDI controllers fully integrated with FL Studio

Novation has announced the FLkey range, a pair of MIDI controllers with full integration with FL Studio. 

What you need to know:

  • Novation have released two FL Studio fully integrated midi controllers.
  • Allows for controls over most FL studio parameters from the face plate, with velocity sensitive keys, instrument and preset selection, automation and screen navigation, limiting the need for a mouse.
  • FLkey 37 has full sized keys and offers more faceplate controls, whereas the FLkey Mini features slightly less faceplate options, but has a much smaller footprint. They are priced at $299 and $149 respectively.

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The range includes the FLkey 37 and the FLkey Mini and comes as Novation’s first dive into FL Studio dedicated controllers, offering seamless integration with the popular DAW.

It allows users control over a wide range of functionalities straight from the faceplate controls, limiting the need for a mouse and improving workflow.

The FLkey range allows for users to control FL Studio’s set sequencer, the ability to select plugin and presets, navigate the screen, mixer controls for easy tactile mixing, scale and chord modes, and instrument and automation control, all of which are immediately accessible from the FLkey faceplate controls. The pads and knobs are also assignable, allowing users to customise their own workflow to best suit their needs.

Both units include 16 RGB pads, eight knobs, velocity-sensitive keys, pitch and mod wheels, MIDI out, and are powered over USB.

The FLkey 37 features 37 full size velocity-sensitive keys, and more faceplate controls, such as chord mode, scale mode and quantise. It also has a small screen for real time feedback on adjustable parameters. The pitch and mod wheels are traditional mechanical wheels, whereas the FLkeys Mini has touch sensitive strips. The FLkey 37 would be right at home in any studio. 

The FLkey Mini features many of the same components, only in a more compact form factor. It features 25 velocity-sensitive mini-keys and fewer faceplate buttons. It’s more suited for the traveling producer or for those with limited studio space.

The FLkey Mini will price at $149 whereas the FLkey 37 will come in at $299

Head to Novation for more information. For local enquiries, get in touch with Focusrite Australia.