Nothing unveil Ear (1) boasting 34 hours of portable listening time

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Nothing unveil Ear (1) boasting 34 hours of portable listening time

Words by Sam McNiece

With sound by the good folks at Teenage Engineering.

Oh, how far we’ve come from bulky wireless headphones, and quite quickly too. It seems not that long ago that it was rare to see people walking around in wireless headphones, and when they were it was extremely bulky over ear ones. Well, times have changed and Nothing have debuted their first product, the Ear (1), weighing an astonishing 4.7 grams.

What you need to know:

  • London-based tech company Nothing have announced their Ear (1) Bluetooth earbuds.
  • The ultra light 4.7g speakers provide 5 hours listening time and up to 34 hours with the charging case.
  • Ear (1) features active noise cancelling, feature an adjustable EQ and have been produced with the help of Teenage Engineering.

Read all the latest product news here.

“Raw power, no strings attached” reads their website. The sleek design of these new earbuds is reminiscent of what we thought the future would look like 10 years ago, sharp design with features packed into the tiny and light frame.

The earbuds themselves weigh 4.7 grams, about the same as Apples AirPods and Google’s Pixel Buds and feature pressure relieving vents and three sizes of silicon tips to fit different ear sizes.

Ear (1) features an 11.6mm dynamic driver with an air chamber which has been tuned by Teenage Engineering, who created the very popular OP-1 synth among other tech-y creations.

Through this collaboration, the earbuds offer active noise cancellation, allowing you to hone in on what you’re doing and additionally ‘transparent mode’ which boasts bringing the surrounding noise back in.

What is impressive is the 34 hours of charging time available with the charging case, and 5 hours of listening time stored within the earbuds themselves. Very nice.

Through algorithmic sound isolation, the Ear (1) reduces the surrounding noise allowing your voice to be picked up clearly through its three high definition microphones. Great for if you’re one of those people who chats on public transport and roaming the streets.

Utilising composite mesh, the portable earbuds allow for ‘improved sweat and water resistance’ which is great for working out wearing these. And if you lose them whilst working out, you can ping them to make a noise and locate them with ease.

As is standard with these buds, gestures can be customised to your choosing, but there is also an equaliser to customise the sound response to your personal preference, allowing you to get that thumpy bass boost you’ve been dreaming of.

The Ear (1)’s will be available in limited quantities July 31 before being available for general sale August 17.

Check out the intro video for these earbuds below.

For more information head to Nothing’s website.