Nord launch the powerful Piano 5 stage keyboard

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Nord launch the powerful Piano 5 stage keyboard

Words by Will Brewster

The return of the king.

Three years after the release of the previous generation of keyboards, Nord have reclaimed their spot on top of the electric keyboard pile with the launch of the Nord Piano 5: a sophisticated stage piano designed to dominate in live settings.

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Combining the Swedish manufacturer’s acclaimed piano and sample synth engines and embedding them into one feature-packed, firetruck red unit, the Nord Piano 5 contains some notable upgrades from its predecessor.

The piano section of the keyboard now features twice as much memory for Nord Piano Library samples, with the sample synth section also receiving the doubled treatment to flesh out its tones. Both engines are also available in two layers each, which means you’re able to create split and layer sounds that feature two unique piano and synth sounds – neat.

For those who like to tickle the traditional ivories, the Nord Piano 5 offers nine grand pianos, nine uprights and ten electric pianos in addition to other instruments such as the clavinet, harpsichord and vibraphone, with the Nord Piano Library also bringing advanced tools such as Advanced String Resonance, Dyno Filter and Dynamic Pedal Noise to the unit.

In the sample department, the Nord Piano 5 offers new soft and bright filter tools, as well as a Tru Vibrato mode for authentic sounding string and brass patches. There’s also a unison mode to create stacked, wooly ensemble tones – perfect for all your disco expeditions.

Other tweaks new to the Nord Piano 5 include an upgraded effects section, with the keyboard offering new chorale, bright and dark reverb tones as well as a ping-pong delay.

After receiving feedback from a myriad of disgruntled users, Nord have also reintroduced the Nord Piano 5 as a 73-key version to make for a more live-friendly stage instrument in addition to the much bulkier 88-key variant.

Both models feature Nord’s acclaimed hammer action keybed with three sensors per key, making for one of the most realistic stage piano experiences on the current market.

Find out more about the Nord Piano 5 via the Nord website. For domestic enquiries, get in touch with Electric Factory.