New guitars from Aria!

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New guitars from Aria!

Aria guitars
Words by Mixdown staff

The new Aria electrics borrow from traditional single cut and double cut electric guitar styles, as well as some more unique offset shapes and body style.

Aria guitars have a huge range of accessible, affordable guitars of all different types, styles and colours, now expanded by a slew of new electric models as well as the new Fiesta by Aria range.

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There’s some right and left handed models, as well as a fretted and fretless bass option depending on your preference (or maybe whatever your collection is missing!)

Aria Guitars

Various electronics and hardware options are available, like single coil pickups or humbuckers, tremolo systems with various switching options to really harness that tone.

The new range moves from TEG-series of traditional shapes to other specific shapes like a baritone, Nashville-style electric, the Fullerton range as well as some Modern Classics.

Fiesta by Aria

The Fiesta range encapsulates the best of the acoustic world with nylon classical style guitars in both 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 sizes, as well as moe traditional steel string dreadnought guitars. Beyond this, the Fiesta by Aria range also has some folk-y offerings, with both a folk and dreadnought style option!

All of this and more, the entire range of new guitars and basses are available through Pro Music Australia. For local enquiries, visit them here.