NAMM 2022: Two Notes unveil their ultimate guitar post production plugin Genome

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NAMM 2022: Two Notes unveil their ultimate guitar post production plugin Genome

Words by Cambell Courtney

Boasting amp emulation, mic sims, and much, much more

The new Genome plugin from Two Notes aims to provide players with an all in one solution for guitar audio post production.

What you need to know:

  • Genome is an all-in-one solutions for guitar signal processing.
  • Hundreds of amp, room, microphone and effect emulations.
  • Lots of audio routing options for total control over tone.

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Genome is a plugin that features hundreds of guitar centred post production techniques, including amp emulation, microphones simulation as well as a range of effects to help you shape your tone into whatever you desire. 

On release, Genome will allow players to re-amp their guitar signal, experiment with simulated rooms and recording spaces, adjust virtual mic placement and apply effects. This is done with an intuitive UI that is centred around the guitarist, making it easy to navigate for those without years of experience in post production techniques. 

MIDI controls have been implemented for use with MIDI controllers, allowing players to map controls for tactile functionality and take MIDI snapshots for quick recalls. 

Genome has up to eight channels of independent audio, with option for master channels and parallel processing, for total control over the tone and mix. 

Genome is shaping up to be one of the ultimate tools for guitarists with plugin or hybrid setups. Offering total control over a variety of parameters and allowing players to sculpt their tone down to the finest details.

Two Notes CEO Guillaume Pille said “Genome represents the next logical step in Two notes evolution.

“Our mission: provide an adaptive channel strip, surgically tuned for the forward-thinking player with uncompromising versatility for effortless integration whatever the scenario.

“Regardless of whether it’s an in-the-box rig or a hybrid software / hardware setup, our proprietary DynIR technology fused with a suite of Studio FX – not to mention eight mixer channels each with dual lanes – is set to elevate players’ tone to never-before ventured heights.

“The next step, register for the Beta and be the first to experience the next-generation in tone-shaping.”

Genome will be available on both MacOS and Windows.

Head to Two Notes Engineering for more. For local enquiries, reach out to Innovative Music.