Martin produces guitar number 2.5 million

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Martin produces guitar number 2.5 million

Words by Cambell Courtney

Celebrating the milestone with a one-off masterpiece of craftsmanship

In 2022, Martin celebrates their 2.5 millionth guitar manufactured since the company’s inception by company founder Christian Frederick Martin Sr in 1833.

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To celebrate this milestone, Martin has produced a one-off masterpiece of craftsmanship in the form of the D-2.5 millionth, a custom made, handcrafted guitar that will reside in the Martin Museum in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. 

The guitar is themed around  Christian Frederick Martin Sr.’s immigration from Germany to America. In order to accomplish this, Gary Werkheiser of Werkheiser Jewellers Ltd was tasked with providing a constellation star map that honours the day Martin stepped off the boat in New York City on November 6, 1833.

The body of the guitar is made from special Belizean rosewood, and features a dark blue finish, and is adorned with  436 diamonds, six natural sapphires, and one ruby, arranged in such a way that it replicates the night sky. All the jewels combined come up to a weight of 21 carats.

The pickguard is made from  palladium, and has been engraved with a map of 1830s New York city, with the shop’s original location marked with a ruby. The pickguard also has a 24k gold border.

Inside the guitar are some inlays designs that include the coat of arms for Martin Sr.’s hometown in Germany, the sailing ship he arrived on, and the storefront of the original shop. Also found inside is a stainless steel plaque that provides some background information on the instrument.

The Headstock and fretboard have a Star of Bethlehem design that is keeping in the navigational theme of the instrument.

 Although the 2.5 millionth Martin is a one-off, special edition, there will be a single replica made for one lucky customer, marked with the 2,500,001 serial number. 

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