Watch: A 100 Riff History Of Rock And Roll

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Watch: A 100 Riff History Of Rock And Roll

g riff.jpg

With over 18 million views, the YouTube hit is bound to draw your attention, get your head thrashing and your feet tapping. No matter what type of rocker you are, there’s something in there for you.


The chronological history of rock ‘n’ roll begins with Chet Atkins ‘Mr. Sandman’ of 1954 and ends with St. Vincent’s ‘Cruel’ of 2011. Other legends making appearances include Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Floyd, Van Halen and our very own AC/DC – you’ll have to watch to hear the rest.


The video was posted in 2012, meaning there are high hopes that Chadwick isn’t too far from updating his riff list and smashing out some more classic hits.


Check it out below and get ready to rock out! For the ultimate (drinking) game, get your mates around and try guessing each track.



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