Tool finally share album release date

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Tool finally share album release date

The band unveiled the release date during an intermission at their show in Alabama last night, with a giant screen behind the band flashing the ever-foreboding date ‘AUGUST 30.’ Interestingly enough, yesterday’s date marked 10,000 days since the release of Tool’s first demo 7826 in 1991 – which really just goes to show how much this band savour all those little details. 


Shortly after, frontman Maynard James Keenan rejoined the stage to tell fans to take pictures of the screen to share online – “Alright everyone take out your phones… security stand down and let these fuckers do whatever it is with their phones.”


Check out the footage below. 




Tool’s official Facebook have also shared a visual teaser featuring the date August 30, which is bound to be considered forevermore as Prog Christmas. 




Days ago, Tool debuted two new songs which are believed to be a first taste of album number five – watch them here


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