Tame Impala release new single ‘It Might Be Time’, detail new LP

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Tame Impala release new single ‘It Might Be Time’, detail new LP

Centering around a bouncy Wurlitzer groove with a menacing synth lead and plenty of reverberated falsetto vocals from Parker, ‘It Might Be Time’ almost sounds like classic Supertramp on crack. It’s definitely a change-up from previously released singles ‘Borderline’ and ‘Patience’, the latter of which won’t be appearing on The Slow Rush, but the drum sound here is absolutely killer. We reckon this one will be a slow burner for sure.



A statement released today confirms that The Slow Rush will be comprised of twelve tracks, and was recorded between locations in Los Angeles and Parker’s Fremantle studio. Parker elaborated on this on his Instagram, blaming his infamous perfectionism for the long wait and expressing his happiness at the prospect of releasing the album. Read it in full below. 



Hey everyone sorry i’ve been a bit quiet for the last 4 billion years and sorry it’s all been a bit weird this year, there are all sorts of excuses i could serve you but it basically all comes down to me hating the idea of giving you anything that isn’t the best my entire heart and soul and brain can give. But i’m so fucking relieved the day has finally come that i can give you a date, I guess you are too… And i’m so excited for touring next year and beyond with a new show and new album of songs and yes we’ll come to peru and yes we’ll come to brazil and wherever you live in the world because that’s all i want to do for the rest of my life. I’ll be waiting anxiously with you until feb 14 2020, in the meantime enjoy this quirky new song about your own inner paranoid thoughts telling you you’ve lost your mojo, and whose drum sound took me about 1 of those 4 billion years. love you all

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The Slow Rush arrives via Island Records Australia on Friday February 14, 2020.