Sydney Producer Oh My My Releases New Single

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Sydney Producer Oh My My Releases New Single

“‘Woe, My Heart’ was written for a good friend who was going through a pretty tough off and on relationship/break up,” says Oh My My, aka Sam Thomlinson. “It’s mostly about heartbreak, but also how someone can knowingly continue to hurt someone they claim to care about, just to appease their own loneliness. Musically this song is all about the piano and vocal. I tried not to sully those parts with too much embellishment. There are moments where I’m really trying to show the heartbreak in the lyrics with disjointed chord changes; other times I’ve tried to use ambient whispering and talking to reflect the feeling of being locked in your own thoughts.”


Watch the full video below.



‘Woe, My Heart’ will be released on Friday August 17. For more information visit