Surprise! Nine Inch Nails have shared two new albums

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Surprise! Nine Inch Nails have shared two new albums

Ghosts V: Together and Ghosts VI: Locusts comprise of 23 new instrumental tracks, with Reznor noting upon release that the two records do not form as a double album, signifying them as “Two different records for two different mindsets.” He also hinted that Ghosts V: Together would sound a lot more optimistic than its plague-inducing counterpart, saying that Together was “for when things seem like it might all be okay, and Ghosts VI: Locusts… well, you’ll figure it out.”



In a statement accompanying the release, Reznor noted how he and partner-in-crime Atticus Ross worked on the new records in order to keep busy while in self isolation, saying that “we decided to burn the midnight oil and complete these new Ghosts records as a means of staying somewhat sane. Music — whether listening to it, thinking about it or creating it — has always been the thing that helped us get through anything — good or bad.” 


Both albums are available to download for free via the Nine Inch Nails website, and are also available on streaming services now. Nine Inch Nails were among the shortlist of acts set to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year – unfortunately, that ceremony has also been postponed due to COVID-19.


Download Ghost V and Ghost VI via Nine Inch Nails’ website