Primus have released their very own pinball machine

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Primus have released their very own pinball machine

Limited to just 100 units, the pinball machine has been released for Cyber Monday and is the product of more than 100 hours of design collaboration. Primus teamed up with Stern Pinball for the merchandising venture, who you may remember from earlier this year when they designed a pinball machine for Iron Maiden.


Naturally, the Primus version features their signature psychedelic aesthetic and even incorporates imagery from some of their most memorable album covers, including the ship from Sailing the Seas of Cheese and the head-in-a-frying-pan from Frizzle Fry.



Each unit is hand-signed by all three band members and features 13 classic Primus tracks, including ‘Too Many Puppies’, ‘John the Fisherman’, ‘Jerry was a Race Car Driver’ and more.


“Being a guy that has made many records over the past few decades, published a novel, directed videos and a feature film, as well as having collaborated with heroes like Tom Waits, Geddy Lee, Stewart Copeland, Bernie Worrell, Trey Anastasio and others, it wasn’t till this moment, being immortalised in a pinball machine, did I really feel like I’ve made the big time,” said Les Claypool.


If you’ve got a spare $7,995, the Primus pinball machine could be yours. Get to know Les Claypool’s touring rig before he releases a new album with Sean Lennon as the Claypool Lennon Delirium next February.