Paradise Lost Tease New Album Medusa

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Paradise Lost Tease New Album Medusa

Medusa, a titular nod to the feared creature from Greek mythology, marks a return to the band’s doom metal roots, prominently featuring bone-crushing guitars and stark lyrical themes throughout the course of the record to ‘herald the loneliness and damp cold of autumn.’


Featuring eight brutal songs (including three bonus tracks), Paradise Lost have also unveiled a snippet of the first single from Medusa, ‘The Longest Winter’. Set for release on Friday July 7, ‘The Longest Winter’ blends typical Paradise Lost melodies with brutal doom moments, which you can catch when the group tours Australia this December.


Check out a snippet of Paradise Lost’s new single ‘The Longest Winter’ and the track list for the upcoming album Medusa below.


Fearless Sky (8:30)
Gods Of Ancient (5:50)
From The Gallows (3:42)
The Longest Winter (4:31)
Medusa (6:20)
No Passage For The Dead (4:16)
Blood & Chaos (3:51)
Until The Grave (5:41)

Bonus tracks:
Frozen Illusion (5:45)
Shrines (3:59)
Symbolic Virtue (4:38)



‘The Longest Winter’ will be released on Friday July 7, for more information head to Paradise Lost are touring in December through Metropolis Touring and David Roy WIlliams.