John Frusciante quietly releases new electronic EP

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John Frusciante quietly releases new electronic EP

Spanning four tracks, Look Down, See Us is an abstract odyssey fueled by vintage Roland gear, warped breakbeats and pure eccentricity. It’s short, but he squeezes out a lot of ideas in that short time, flipping classic James Brown samples atop of jungle and acid inspired grooves to fascinating effect.


Of course, if you’re clued in on everything Frusciante’s put out over the past ten years, this shouldn’t come as a surprise – across the likes of Letur Lefr, PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone, Outsides and Enclosures, he’s explored everything from bubbly acid house to obscure Black Sabbath-sounding drum ‘n bass and more. It’s definitely an oddball catalogue, but it certainly displays his creativity in a new light – listen to Look Down, See Us below. 



Look Down, See Us is also set to be followed by two more Trickfinger releases this year: She Smiles Because She Presses The Button will arrive on Friday June 3, while another record will follow it later this year. They’re all being released on the newly minted Evar Records, created by Frusciante and his girlfriend, which is described as being “an experimental electronic label emphasizing genre defying transitory hybrid musical spaces with music for the brain and body alike.”



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