Further ground gained against Sydney lockout laws

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Further ground gained against Sydney lockout laws

With hopes that the lockout will at the very least be relaxed by the end of the year, 9 News reports that Deputy Premier John Barilaro is in fact pushing for the 1.30am lockouts in the Sydney CBD to be completely scrapped altogether. The laws were introduced back in February 2014 by then Premier Barry O’Farrell, and restricted the trading hours of businesses in precincts between Pyrmont and Kings Cross. 


With the Keep Sydney Open political party already planning to contest in both houses of Parliament in the 2019 NSW state elections, the news of the Deputy Premier pushing for the ruling to be overturned is definitely a step in the right direction to breathe some much needed life back into the music scene. 


The local music scene in Sydney has been greatly suffering since the implementation of the laws with far fewer local Sydney bands able to get their start or continue due to poor attendance numbers at shows thanks to the restrictions placed on the venues.


And to further compound on that, more and more venues are closing their doors to live music as they are unable to sustain the reduced numbers. With some of Australia’s best up and coming acts hailing from Sydney itself, it would be very sad to see its music scene continue to suffer, with increasingly fewer new bands coming to fill in the spaces left by bigger bands that are progressing to the next level.


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Image via Sam Whiteside.