Check out The Strokes’ new pirate radio show

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Check out The Strokes’ new pirate radio show

Titled 5guys talking about things they know nothing about (which also would have made a great album title), the show proves that even cashed-up rock and roll stars like The Strokes get bored and shoot the shit on Zoom every once and a while.


There’s plenty of quirky moments throughout the 17 minute episode: Fab Moretti’s head is constantly morphing in and out of the painting behind him, neither Nick Valensi nor Julian Casablancas can remember their own Comedown Machine track ’50/50′ when Albert Hammond Jr. brings it up, and I’m pretty sure Nikolai Fraiture doesn’t utter a single word throughout the entire episode. They even watch an entire Bill Withers clip in memorium of the recently deceased soul artist, and there’s also an incredibly awkward moment when Julian brings up the 2017 biography Meet Me In The Bathroom, which is notorious for its depiction of The Strokes in the early 2000s. 


At any rate, 5guys talking about things they know nothing about is an excellent way to launch into The New Abnormal. Watch it below. 



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