Cable Ties share new single ‘Sandcastles’

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Cable Ties share new single ‘Sandcastles’

Driven by a menacing bassline and embelished with feedbacking guitars, ‘Sandcastles’ sees guitarist and vocalist Jenny McKechnie admonish those apathetic, close-minded groups who sneer at legitimate parties trying to make a positive change in the world. It’s a fierce offering from the trio, and McKechnie’s vocal performance really drives the message of the track home. Check out the track and its Danny Cohen-directed video below. 



McKechnie discussed the motives behind the further in a statement released alongside the single, saying that “‘Sandcastles’ is aimed at a figurative individual who doesn’t have any interest in making positive changes in society or participating in open and productive discussions about political and social issues.


“Rather, they set themselves up as the gatekeepers of progressive groups by aggressively policing language and immediately casting out anyone who doesn’t abide by the codes of behaviour they have created. This turns purportedly intersectional, progressive groups into exclusive clubs only accessible to people with homogeneous opinions, social and economic backgrounds and ways of speaking.”


Far Enough is slated for release in March via Poison City/Merge Records