MOTU unveil Digital Performer 11 with a stack of new features and improvements

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MOTU unveil Digital Performer 11 with a stack of new features and improvements

(Source: MOTU)
Words by Sam McNiece

Including MPE support, Retrospective Record, Clip Triggering and more.

MOTU aka Mark of the Unicorn build upon their flagship DAW, Digital Performer, with a major upgrade to compatibility functionality and more. Digital Performer 11 adds Articulation Maps, Audio Retrospective Record, MPE support, a new Nanosampler 2.0 instrument plug-in, support for Big Sur, native compatibility with Apple silicon Macs and more!

What you need to know:

  • MOTU have released Digital Performer 11 with a slew of exciting new features and compatibility.
  • Key new features include MPE support, Articulation Maps and Retrospective Record.
  • DP 11 is out now and for owners of other DAWs there’s a competitive discount.

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First up in new features is Articulation Maps, which allow users to use symbols to trigger different articulations from sound library packs. You can create your own or import articulation maps which allows you to take control of the depth available in modern sound libraries. Using DP’s QuickScribe which is a notation editor, you can create music like you’re writing for a real orchestra.

Next is MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) support allowing users to take advantage of the extra parameters made popular by the ROLI Seaboard. You can visualise the per note controls on the piano roll and edit each parameter using the new Scale tool which can reduce or increase the amount of expression recorded. All of Digital Performers built in synths now support MPE and can be modulated via its complex interactions.

Following in the footsteps of its rival Ableton, DP now has Retrospective Record but goes the extra mile to include it for audio recordings as well. To mitigate the issue where you have just played the perfect synth line and forgot to press record, you can use this new function which will recall not only MIDI, but also audio that has just been played. A very cool function.

Digital Performers go to virtual instrument Nanosampler receives a major update with the 2.0 version. There’s three playback modes, a new time stretching algorithm and randomised beat slicing in DP 11.

Users of Novation and AKAI controllers can rejoice, now being able to utilise the clip window with their pad controllers, which allows for more live compatibility for MOTUs flagship DAW.

With this new iteration, MOTU have added native support on the new Apple silicon Macs and macOS Big Sur. They’ve also optimised the processing for these new chips allowing for high level native multi-core performance.

Digital Performer 11 adds all these features plus a stack of other enhancements including Live Performance Mode, Chunk Folders & Playlists, Multi-Channel MIDI Tracks and is available now.

Check out the new version of Digital Performer on the MOTU Website.