Mooer double down with X2 stereo D7 X2 Delay and R7 X2 Reverb effect pedals

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Mooer double down with X2 stereo D7 X2 Delay and R7 X2 Reverb effect pedals

Words by Sam McNiece

With two times the effects available!

Chinese based Mooer, producer of hi-tech music products have just announced new iterations of their bite sized delay and reverb pedals. The X2 range adds additional foot switches to the D7 and R7, along with stereo processing and more.

What you need to know:

  • Guitar effect and amp manufacturer Mooer have announced the D7 X2 and R7 X2 effect pedals.
  • The upgrades from the original R7 and D7 include stereo processing, 14 different effect types and infinite modes.
  • Still present are the 7 lights indicating what effect you have selected and other features you’d expect on an effect pedal.

Read all the latest product news here.

Taking cues from their other products, the X2 pedals combine their best digital effects algorithms with stereo input and output and fourteen effects to choose from. The lights on each device let you know which effect you’re currently using and allow for quick changes between.

There’s two footswitches on these pedals, one for bypass and one for tap tempo or the “infinite” function, which is essentially an eternity of reverb.

On both pedals there’s an option to save and recall presets which can be swapped between with a simple press of either footswitch and trails bypass enables clean and smooth effects switching.

On the D7 X2 Delay pedal there’s adjustable parameters separate for each effect which can be modified with their aptly named ‘Tweak.1’ and ‘Tweak.2’. As with most delay pedals there’s a dry wet knob, delay time knob and feedback knob to create your sound.

With the R7 X2 Reverb you have mix, decay, pre-delay as well as low and high cut filters so your reverb can be as tight or broad as desired.

Check out this video below showing off these effects pedals.

For more information head to Mooer and for local enquiries hit up Jade MC Australia.