Behringer’s STUDIO XL interface combines Midas Preamps with triple monitor control

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Behringer’s STUDIO XL interface combines Midas Preamps with triple monitor control

Words by Sam McNiece

Including tape send and return capabilites.

Love or hate Behringer, their ability to produce products that are functional, affordable and with quality hardware courtesy of their recent brand acquisitions, is impressive. The new STUDIO XL, builds on their recently announced STUDIO L design, adding an extra monitor output and a stereo TRS pair in among other improvements.

What you need to know:

  • Behringer have announced a new console centrepiece with the STUDIO XL audio interface.
  • The unit can control three separate monitor outputs, features six inputs, two with Midas preamps, five stereo outputs and two headphone outs.
  • STUDIO XL utilises VCA control over its volume changes touted to provide perfect stereo and phase coherency with no quality degradation over time.

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With the STUDIO XL, Behringer is continuing its push for the pro audio section of the market. This controller is designed to be used with three sets of monitors, each with individual trim knobs so you can use the big knob in the middle to balance the levels of all of them equally.

Other upgrades from the STUDIO L include an AUX mix in, which in combination with the two track out allows for tape or outboard master effects monitoring as well as an extra pair of TRS inputs and outputs.

Features that have carried over from the L are a VCA volume controller which is the professional way to change levels, a built in talkback microphone, mono and dim controls to quickly check your mix, volume meters and a large knob centre stage for precise volume adjustment.

With Midas being a part of the Music Tribe brand family, they have utilised their iconic high quality preamps in this unit to ensure ultra low noise professional audio travels from input all the way to output stages.

Combine this with the 192kHz, 24 bit audio processing capabilities and this is an affordable studio centrepiece.

Head to Behringer to read more and for local enquiries head to Australis Music Group.