Behringer Edge: A semi-modular drum machine

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Behringer Edge: A semi-modular drum machine

Behringer Edge product shot close up
Words by Sam McNiece

A dual VCO analog percussion machine.

In the latest of affordable Behringer hardware gear, comes the Edge, a semi-modular percussion synth that looks a little familiar in a few respects. The dual VCO’s, patch bay and filters allow it to create versatile moving sound palettes.

What you need to know:

  • Behringer have released a video detailing their new semi-modular percussion machine, Edge.
  • The drum machine features a 30 point patch bay with dual VCOs and an 8-step sequencer with velocity and pitch controls.
  • Behringer Edge has been likened to a Moog DFAM clone with which it shares quite a lot of key features.

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The Behringer Edge features a pure analog signal path with dual VCO’s that can run at pulse and triangle waves. Frequency, envelope and level controls are available on the VCOs plus a hard sync control and universal decay control. A noise control can add bite to your sounds with either pink or white noise selectable.

The sequencer on the Edge can go up to a whopping 10,000 BPM with 8 steps of velocity and pitch to use. The device can be clocked internally, through MIDI or USB. There’s a high/low pass filter (VCF) that features an envelope before routing audio to the VCA output.

There’s also extensive MIDI control across the device that allows for tight programming externally and can also send MIDI out.

On top of the synth, there are 30 places to patch in the patch bay, which allow you to tweak and alter how the unit sounds.

There’s no official release date so far, but the device is listed for US$219 on the YouTube video, which you can check out below to heard the device in action.

Stay tuned to Behringer’s website for more information about the Edge.