Mix with the Masters’ Rue Boyer studio employs AI room treatment

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Mix with the Masters’ Rue Boyer studio employs AI room treatment

Words by Mixdown staff

They produce educational content with some of the biggest producers on the planet, with courses from Steve Albini, Chris Lord-Alge, Marcella Araica, Andrew Scheps and Timbaland to name a few.

Mix with the Masters’ new flagship studio, Rue Boyer, has been up and running for a little while, built to serve as both an educational institute and a professional studio.

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The challenge that presents, is that it needs to be able to cater to 20+ students who need to be able to listen in and hear subtle moves that the presenters might be making to get maximum take away from the seminars. Most mixing spaces have a sweet spot, but Rue Boyer needs a larger area to cater for the students, and that’s where REDIacoustics and their NIRO (Non-Cuboid Iterative Room Optimization) software comes in.

Rue Boyer Control Room A

The NIRO software analyses a room, working as an iterative [def: relating to or involving iteration, especially of a mathematical or computational process] predictive software, meaning it can constantly re-analyse a room’s entire response at different frequencies. This allowed REDIacoustics to test out countless solutions to treating the room before settling on the best and proceeding with physically building diffusers and absorbers (including a Hemholtz resonator below the room’s SSL console).

All of this is to say that Control Room A sounds great, even when functioning as a live room (with the aforementioned SSL being lowered into the floor to make space). Jack Antonoff himself said of the room:

I wrote and recorded some of my favourite things of all time while looking out that big window. It was an honour to work at Rue Boyer.

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