Marshall announce the release of four re-issue pedals

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Marshall announce the release of four re-issue pedals

words by mixdown staff

Marshall have announced the release of four re-issue pedals - the Bluesbreaker, Drivemaster, Shredmaster and Guv'nor.

What you need to know:

  •  Marshall have announced the release of four re-issues of classic pedals – the Bluesbreaker, Drivemaster, Shredmaster and Guv’nor.
  • Each of the pedals in this reissue range will retail for $349 RRP

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The Guv’nor

The classic returns. A meticulous reproduction of our iconic drive pedal. It’s got you covered whatever your flavour.

Named after Jim Marshall himself, the original Guv’nor pedal was released in 1988 and set the bar for the generations of distortion pedals that have followed since. This reissue faithfully recreates the classic sound of The Guv’nor, providing a smooth overdriven sound with a touch of compression. The pedal is housed in a casing that is accurately modelled on the original, from the unique shape right down to the individually coloured control knobs. All that’s missing are the stories you collect over 30+ years of use, but that’s where you come in.

The Bluesbreaker

Back in all its former glory. Warm, responsive tones to take you from Texas blues to all out-drive.

A pedal inspired by the amp used by the legendary Eric Clapton. Just like the amp, the pedal delivered warm, organic drive, perfect for playing around with breakup. Now, Marshall have brought back a replica of the pedal that’s appeared in the collections of revered guitarists’ rigs worldwide. Capable of providing subtle boosts, clear headroom and bags of character, users can rediscover the sounds of the late 90’s and 00’s.

The original Bluesbreaker pedals are now collector’s pieces and are heavily sought after. Thanks to this faithful reissue, meticulously designed and hand-built at our famous Bletchley factory, you can own the real thing.

The Drivemaster

A serious overdrive all-rounder. The Drivemaster is back and as fierce as ever. From vintage to modern drive tones in a durable unit.

The Drivemaster is based on the original Guv’nor, but takes things a stage further with a new tone and drive network. The Drivemaster’s three band tone network acts as if adding an extra amp to your set up, with real Marshall tone and overdrive. The iconic look has also been accurately recreated, right down to the finish of the control knobs and unique shape. There’s plenty of reasons the first edition is so heavily sought after today. This reissue takes everything that made the original so special and replicates it for today’s player.

The Shredmaster

You’ll certainly shake the ground with the Marshall Shredmaster. The legendary distortion pedal is back with all the power of the original.

The original Shredmaster was Marshall’s first ever high-gain pedal and has become synonymous with game changing music throughout the 90s and beyond. The ultimate care has been taken by the brand to ensure that this reissue accurately recreates that iconic Shredmaster sound. The pedal casing is accurately modelled on the bespoke design of the original. The gold Shredmaster name, raised Marshall logo and the heavy-duty casing are all right here, exactly as one would expect. Whether you recreate the music the Shredmaster is famed for, or forge your own path, is down to you.

Fore more information, head to Marshall. For local enquiries, visit Electric Factory.