Yamaha release the YH-E700B Wireless Headphones

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Yamaha release the YH-E700B Wireless Headphones

words by Mixdown staff

The Yamaha YH-E700B Wireless Headphones will allow users to immerse themselves in True Sound and experience a personal listening room customised for their ears.

What you need to know:

  • Yamaha Corporation have announced the launch the YH-E700B wireless headphones, the latest addition to their extensive wireless headphones offering.
  • As the second generation of the E700 class, the YH-E700B incorporate a raft of features that allow users to truly immerse themselves in their favorite music – anywhere, any time.

Conveying the intent and feeling of the artist is a fundamental objective of Yamaha’s True Sound philosophy, which the YH-E700B adopts as a key design driver.  

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The YH-E700B provides brilliant sound quality that vividly depicts the texture and tonal balance of sound and includes the latest acoustic and electronic technologies and a multitude of convenient features. This includes Active Noise Cancelling (Advanced), voice assistant capability, and an easily toggleable Ambient Sound mode for situations where paying attention to your surroundings is important. 

Further, in support of safe music listening, Yamaha has included Listening Care – Advanced, which provides intelligent equalisation at any volume, ensuring every nuance in the music can be heard. 

The YH-E700B also adopts an array of additional important features offering versatile, high-quality performance. This includes excellent call quality, ideal for remote working situations.

True Sound

The YH-E700B have refined the tonal balance and sound image of the mid and high-frequency ranges to reproduce a natural, clean sound that works to precisely express vital detail, depth and emotion contained within music.  

Achieving this is based on three key elements: Tonal Balance, Sound Image and Dynamics. Through acoustic and electronic technologies, the YH-E700B realises music reproduction that combines high-resolution sonic timbre, and sufficient separation to give listeners a sense of the position and image of each instrument and sound so that you can hear which instrument is playing and from where.

Bespoke Listening Room in Your Ears

Every ear is different. 

Often the left and right ear of the same person has different characteristics. Differences in each ear can ultimately impact the sound, particularly when using headphones. 

Yamaha’s Listening Optimizer analyses and corrects the effects of individual ear shapes and ear pad sealing in real time. The YH-E700B has an internal microphone which monitors the signal affected by the shape of the ear and how the headphone is worn, calculating the difference from the original audio signal, and finally correcting the difference so that it can deliver True Sound.To further support the delivery of an audio signal that matches the original as closely as possible, the physical housing of the YH-E700B has been reimagined.  Whilst the previous iteration, the YH-E700A, had both perfectly rounded earcups and headband, the shape of these have been geometrically changed to an oval or ‘egg shaped’ design in the YH-E700B.

This was done to minimise sound leakage, particularly from the bottom of the housings, to accommodate for the uneven area between the ear and jawline. 

By allowing the YH-E700B to apply equal lateral pressure to the entirety of the head, sound leakage is drastically reduced, whilst concurrently allowing the unit to better accommodate a variety of head and ear shapes.

Must know features:

  • Yamaha True Sound: CLOSER TO THE ARTIST astonishing realism, detail, and clarity
  • Listening Optimizer: Corrects the sound in real time, adapting to you and your environment
  • Advanced ANC: Yamaha-exclusive Active Noise-Cancelling technology that leaves your music pure and untouched
  • Listening Care – Advanced: Dynamic loudness optimisation for full-range sound at lower listening volumes
  • Crystal-clear calls with advanced 2 mic design and Qualcomm® cVc (Clear Voice Capture)
  • Ambient Sound mode for use when increased awareness of the users’ surroundings is required
  • Custom EQ setting in Headphone Control App 
  • On ear detection 
  • Qualcomm aptX Adaptive
  • Long-lasting: Up to 32 hours of total battery life
  • Available in Black and Beige
  • RRP: $499

For more information, head to Yamaha Music Australia.