Landr debut their AI-powered mastering plugin

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Landr debut their AI-powered mastering plugin

Landr Mastering Plugin

Where does AI sit in music production for you?

Maybe you’re already using it for chord packs, lyrical inspiration or to assist with getting a mix to a good starting point, though creative steps can be scary to hand over. What about mastering? Landr might have a new solution.

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Landr have been offering mastering services for some time now, and have now launched an AI-powered (and DAW compatible) plugin based on years of data. Previously available via Landr’s website, the plugin allows users to make changes to their mixes depending on the mastered output in a bid for an easier workflow.

The plugin analyses incoming audio and optimises it for things like streaming, broadcast, distribution and even physical mediums, though the plugin is augmented by additional controls to tweak after the initial pass.

There’s basic EQ and dynamics control via a three-band EQ and a three knob compressor with access to Compression, Character and Saturation. There’s also additional width controls and a De-Esser to treat harshness a little more! Input into the plugin gives users three options, with further refinements available via the aforementioned controls if and when needed.

The new Landr plugin is available now, ready for you to start finalising and releasing your music.