Voyage Audio Spatial Record App

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Voyage Audio Spatial Record App

Voyage Audio Spatial Record
Words by Mixdown staff

This week sees the announcement of Voyage Audio’s new app, Spatial Record.

We’ve looked into the Voyage Audio spatial mics in the past, their multi-capsule design making it easier than ever to record immersive audio… until now. The Spatial Record app is available on iOS, macOS and Windows, recording spatial audio at up to 24-bit/96 kHz from Voyage Audio own Spatial Mic USB.

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Immersive audio, foley and atmospheric sounds sometimes require travelling, or you might find yourself caught unawares, wanting to record wherever you are. The flexibility of the app on a phone or tablet makes it easy to transport, and record your surroundings on the go if needed.

Spatial Record app

The design of the Spatial Record app is intuitive and quick to set-up, meaning you won’t miss out on opportunities as they arise. Onboard allows for binaural playback, while also offering more standard mono and stereo recording if it’s more suitable, with a total of 8 channels available. Individual input meters, and record/pause/edit within the app mean you can create and refine professional sounding audio on the go, while exporting it as well! Transport controls will feel familiar to DAW users, while a refined experience offers everything you need and does away with anything you don’t!

The Voyage Audio Spatial Record is available now.

For local Voyage Audio enquiries, visit Sound and Music.