Koala Audio announced as domestic distributor for Artiphon Musical Instruments

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Koala Audio announced as domestic distributor for Artiphon Musical Instruments

The futuristic musical instruments are now available in Australia.

Over the past few years, Artiphon Musical Instruments have established a solid reputation as shakers and breakers in the music industry thanks to their forward-thinking, advanced take on motion-controlled music controllers.

Their debut product, the spellbinding INSTRUMENT 1, was hailed as one of the best inventions of 2015 by TIME Magazine, allowing users to strum, stroke, bow, slide and tap out a varied range of guitar, violin, keys and drum sounds, with inbuilt speakers and a rechargeable battery offering a creative experience unlike any other.

The brand would go on to follow this up with the ORBA – a feature-packed little device that functions as a synth and MIDI controller with some insane motion sensing potential – in late 2019.

The ORBA, which features an onboard speaker, Bluetooth / USB connectivity and looper, is quite literally a tool to create music with straight out of the box. As such, it garnered $1.5 million in crowd-funding and was proclaimed by the New York Times and TechCrunch as one of the best musical products of 2020.

Now, Artiphon’s groundbreaking array of musical instruments and technological innovations are made available within the Australian market thanks to the Koala Audio team.

To find out more about pricing and availability, get in touch with Koala Audio today!

Contact Koala Audio for more details. Find out more about Artiphon Musical Instruments here.