UK musicians release letter petitioning Prime Minister, MPs to find a Brexit alternative

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UK musicians release letter petitioning Prime Minister, MPs to find a Brexit alternative

Annie Lennox, Paloma Faith, Enter Shikari, Chrissie Hynde, Billy Bragg and more have signed a letter expressing concern over the current plans surrounding Brexit.


“Brexit represents a significant threat to the UK’s Music Industry,” the letter states. “Leaving the EU’s customs union, single market, VAT area and regulatory framework (in whole or part) could devastate our global market leadership, and damage our freedom to trade, tour and to promote our artists and our works.


“…In the Post-Brexit UK, there is a clear risk that reaching consumers and fans will be more expensive, and international markets will be harder to access. Live events will run the danger of being delayed or even cancelled, which would undermine the financial and cultural benefits that this vibrant sector brings to UK PLC.”


The letter also notes that a survey conducted by UK Music to ascertain the music industry’s views on Brexit found only two percent of those surveyed believe Brexit would positively impact their work.


It’s not the first time Brexit has come under fire by the music industry, with former Labour MP and UK Music executive Michael Dugher speaking out in September 2017 to label the changes as a “huge potential threat” to the British music industry.


Brexit, a term coined to describe Britain exiting the European Union, was the subject of a referendum on June 23, 2016. The results found voters to be in favour of leaving the EU by an incredibly close margin, with 51.9 percent voting to leave and 48.1 percent voting to stay. Both parties – the UK and the EU – were granted two years to agree to terms, making the official Brexit date Friday March 29, 2019.


A Brexit deal has been discussed by the EU and Theresa May; however, it has faced criticism from many British MPs and resulted in a confidence vote to determine whether the party would continue to back their leader. May won the vote this morning.


Read the full letter at Music4EU.


Image via Joakim Honkasalo.