The Ultimate Electronic Sound Studio Is Opening In Melbourne

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The Ultimate Electronic Sound Studio Is Opening In Melbourne


Situated in Melbourne, the studio is a independent and inclusive. With a historically significant collection of electronic instruments from around the world, the space offers artists a unique electronic music experience.


Set to promote electronic sound production, Fox and Scullin have built the ultimate play-pen for both experienced and inexperienced artists. Offering up MESS School, it is place for people to engage, to learn and to create in a format that is flexible, affordable and artist driven.


“We want it to be like a museum, but one where you can use and touch everything,” says Scullin. “And also like a gym – come down and work out on a synth. If you leave these things locked away, they’re like a vintage car – if you don’t take it for a drive then the whole thing seizes up. That’s why the musicians who the collection is pulled from are very interested in this process. They have more instruments than they can possibly use at one time, so keeping them active will help them stay alive. It also means new music is created on them.”


Funded by private patronage, membership donation and cultural institutions, MESS has maintained complete independence since its opening. The not-for-profit key aims include encouraging electronic creation, gathering and sustaining the history of the electronic instruments, making them accessible to a wide range of people and to educate those people about their history.


MESS also offers patrons two program seasons a year, commencing in Autumn and Spring. However, in order to access the MESS collection, you must be a member. All the proceeds from memberships are put straight back into the building and are used to turn MESS into the premier centre for electronic sound and music in Australia.


“So many people nowadays make electronic music on their laptops at home,” says Scullin. “But the thing about making music that way is there’s often not a lot of cross-pollination that happens organically. Get a bunch of people in a room like this and it’s a bit like bumping into people at the record store. We’re excited to see what collaborations and partnerships might come out of it.”


The MESS Autumn season will commence with the studio opening April 2016, click here for membership information. You can also head here for a list of the available equipment.