SoundCloud partners with Dolby for integrated online mastering service

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SoundCloud partners with Dolby for integrated online mastering service

The integrated mastering tool seems super simple to use: upon uploading a track, the service lets you choose from four different mastering algorithms designed for different frequency and dynamic targets, namely Thunder, Aurora, Clear Sky and Sunroof. The Dolby tool lets you preview, edit and compare results using a 30 second snippet range, where you can adjust mastering intensity before rendering the final master. 


SoundCloud claim that the mastering tool works on files uploaded in WAV (16/24 bit), FLAC, AIFF and MP3, with the final master being delivered in the same format for pure convenience. Unfortunately, at this stage, the maximum length for the service is 10 minutes, meaning that podcasters and DJs won’t be able to use the tool to master their works.


Currently, the service costs USD $4.99 (around $7 AUD), with SoundCloud Pro Unlimited subscribers getting three masters per month at no additional cost plus a discounted price on any other masters. For devout SoundCloud users, this could prove to be an incredibly convenient – if not slightly inconsistent – way to get your tracks onto the web and sounding professional without shelling out big bucks for a professional master. Consider us interested. 



Find out more about the new mastering collaboration with Dolby on SoundCloud’s website.