Keep Sydney Open launches as a political party

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Keep Sydney Open launches as a political party

The organisation campaigning against the lockout laws that have devastated Sydney’s nightlife will now contest in both houses of Parliament in the 2019 NSW state election. A statement shared on the group’s website explains the movement has morphed into something bigger, adding that “the lockouts were just one symptom of a broader sickness in NSW politics.”



“We’ve sleepwalked into a nanny state where the politics of secrecy and profits over people dominates,” the statement continues. “They funnel people into casinos like cars onto toll roads. They shut down the night while the day becomes more congested. Their moralising and heavy handed fun policing is out of touch with community expectations. They spend billions on stadium rebuilds, museum relocations and pokies subsidies while a fraction of this would resuscitate live music and the arts and mop up social housing wait lists.

“We want a state that works for everyone, not just a few. Sign up to join the fight for a vibrant, creative global Sydney with a 24hr heartbeat.”


Sign up to show your support for Keep Sydney Open here.


Image via Sam Whiteside.