Despite Music Industry Sales Slump, Bandcamp Post 35% Growth

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Despite Music Industry Sales Slump, Bandcamp Post 35% Growth


Nearly six million fans have now bought music from the music tech startup, which launched in 2008. In 2015 alone they sold 25,000 records a day. In isolation, these are outstanding numbers reflective of a company in tune with consumers. However their true significance is revealed only when compared to wider industry figures.


Last year digital album sales on Bandcamp grew 14%, while dropping 3% industry-wide. Track sales in 2015 produced similar disparities, with the company growing 11% in comparison to a 13% drop industry-wide. And, perhaps in the most surprising development, the site’s CD sales rose by 10%, defying an industry-wide slump of 11%. The resurgence of vinyl and cassettes were also mirrored in the sites figures, recording 40% and 49% increases, respectively.


These developments come as Apple looks to terminate the downloading of music on its iTunes Store in favour of their Apple Music streaming service, while Jay Z’s Tidal continues to exist on rocky ground


The future of online music is clearly yet to materialise. But what the current numbers do suggest is that Bandcamp will figure into the equation, quite possibly as a key player.


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