Chris O’Brien and Northlane Guitarist Josh Smith announce new management company

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Chris O’Brien and Northlane Guitarist Josh Smith announce new management company

O’Brien, who is the current General Manager of Touring at Destroy All Lines and Smith, guitarist for ARIA award-winning metal band Northlane, are working together to address management issues they’ve both experienced working in the industry. Having experienced both sides of the industry, the pair have a unique approach to management and will be focusing on “putting the power back in the artists’ hands”. 


“Part of the issue that some artists have is there’s just not necessarily a huge amount of clarity with what goes on in their careers,” O’Brien told The Music.
“The idea is to be upfront and honest with them at all times. It’s their life, it’s their business, so we’re just there as guardians to guide them through it more than anything else and help them along the way.


“First and foremost, it’s about putting the power back in the artists’ hands and making sure they’re aware of what’s going on while helping guide their careers.”


Their combined roster currently includes Northlane, Introvert, Stateside and Void Of Vision, with two new signings also announced today – Make Them Suffer and Windwaker.



“We’re obviously massive fans of [Make Them Suffer] live and they’ve come a long way in the last two years, so that was a pretty seamless one for us,” O’Brien said.
“I saw Windwaker at BIGSOUND last year…and when they released the EP, it just blew me away. I sent it straight over to Josh and said, you’ve got to listen to this. He had one listen, called me up that night and said, ‘What do we have to do to manage this band?’”


Northlane are releasing their new album Alien on August 2 via UNFD.