APRA AMCOS annual financial report reveals findings for 2019

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APRA AMCOS annual financial report reveals findings for 2019

One of the most notable takeaways from this year’s report is that Australian musicians, producers and performers have seen a prominent rise in revenue in 2019, with $410.9 million in royalties being paid out to songwriters, publishers and industry societies during the financial year of 2018-19. It’s a 13.2% increase from the year before, and what’s interesting is that digital revenue accounts for a whopping $175.4m of that sum. That’s a mark up of 30.4% from last year – not bad at all. 



What’s really incredible, however, is the fact that audio streaming revenue in Australia has increased by 4,275% since 2013, which is also indicative of worldwide streaming trends from that period. APRA AMCOS also reported that live music revenue has seen a 19% increase to surpass $30 million for the first time ever, as well as highlighting that live music revenue has grown by 81% in the last ten years. 



In a statement celebrating the growth,  APRA AMCOS Chief Executive Dean Ormston said that β€œAustralian and New Zealand composers, songwriters and artists are pushing new boundaries and kicking goals in a globally competitive environment and at a time when there is more music content than ever before. It’s so vitally important to support and connect our members to new opportunities and acknowledge their achievements β€” both locally and globally.”


Read the full APRA AMCOS report here