Harrison announce 32Classic console

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Harrison announce 32Classic console

Words by Mixdown staff

Harrison this week unveiled the re-release of their own large-format console, the 32Classic.

Harrison Consoles have spent the last few years refining their MixBus software, and in a battle between companies competing for the most realistic console-style workflow… they might have won.

It’s an inline design, though split workflow is available as well, physically divided by the master section, nestled between 16 channels either side. The console is built with a 32 channel > 8 bus > stereo output format, with four aux sends and a dedicated cue send, the master output being transformer balanced. Each channel has four band EQ and filters after the transformer-balanced preamp, the aesthetics of the console blending classic and contemporary console designs.

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What sets the Harrison 32Classic apart though, is its digital connectivity. It can act as an analogue console as you’d expect, though it also after AD/DA connectivity via Dante for routing externally to the console itself. A keyboard tray elevate the 32Classic for the modern day, acknowledging our use of keyboards, mouses and laptops in the modern day, while also featuring a sturdy speaker shelf for near-field or smaller format speakers.

There’s individual channel metering, aux, bus and master VU metering, as well as metering for groups. The Harrison 32Classic is a modern console that bridges the gap between the best of analogue workflow and sonics and the needs of the modern studio. Harrison have decades of experience building consoles, years of refining their MixBus DAW, making the 32Classic the logical next step.

For more info visit Harrison here.