Gibson Pickup Shop Updates Collection With Iconic “Patent Applied For” Humbuckers!

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Gibson Pickup Shop Updates Collection With Iconic “Patent Applied For” Humbuckers!

Gibson PAF humbuckers
Words by Mixdown staff

When it comes to musical instrument design, Gibson’s reputation for innovation is legendary. Nowhere is this more apparent than in electrification. Introducing the most accurate recreations of the legendary “Patent Applied For” humbucker pickups ever made from Gibson Pickup Shop.

Gibson, the iconic American instrument brand, has shaped sound across generations and genres of music, becoming one of the most relevant, played, and loved guitar brands around the world. One of the true pioneers of the electric guitar and guitar pickup design, Gibson’s many years of research and manufacturing in the field have helped shape the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres for almost 95 years. While it hasn’t previously been well-known to the public, since 1935, Gibson has been the source of the world’s finest pickups, and Gibson guitars have come equipped with these standard-setting pickups wound in our own factories.

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Gibson Pickup Shop is proud to introduce the new 1959 Humbucker Collector’s Edition Series 1, available exclusively on Gibson’s original “Patent Applied For” humbuckers™ from the 1950s are the holy grail of humbucking tone, highly influential with many imitations. All their pickups incorporate superior construction and are built at the Gibson Pickup Shop in Nashville, TN, from premium materials using time-tested methods.

The legendary “Patent Applied For” humbucking pickups were launched in 1957 and stand as the pinnacle in the world of electric guitar tone. Now, leveraging a blend of advanced 3D scanning technology, meticulous scientific analysis, and detailed reverse-engineering of authentic late 1950s models alongside the original specifications from the archives, the Gibson Pickup Shop has crafted the most precise replicas of these renowned pickups to date.

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