Fender celebrate The Clash’s Joe Strummer with new signature collection

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Fender celebrate The Clash’s Joe Strummer with new signature collection

Words by Will Brewster

The Campfire Acoustic and Master Built Esquire are available to order today.

Fender have today debuted two new signature instruments to celebrate the legacy of one of punk’s all-time greatest figures: Joe Strummer of The Clash.


  • The Joe Strummer Campfire Acoustic and Master Built Esquire seek to honour one of the most celebrated British songwriters of the 2oth century.
  • Limited to only 70 pieces worldwide, the Custom Shop Master Built Joe Strummer Esquire is based on a model favoured by Strummer while recording Combat Rock and London Calling.
  • Both guitars are available to order now.

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Fender Master Built Joe Strummer Esquire

It goes unsaid that simple guitars are often the best asset a rhythm player can have at their disposal, and there’s no one who exemplifies that better than Joe Strummer did.

His intense, red hot rhythm tone on records like Combat Rock and London Calling came courtesy of a Fender Esquire plugged into a cranked Music Man combo amp, and it’s this stripped-down sound that Fender seek to honour with the Master Built Joe Strummer Esquire.

Limited to a scant 70 pieces worldwide, this Custom Shop guitar is crafted by Master Builder Jason Smith, who painstakingly studied Strummer’s own 1960 Esquire to make sure his recreation hit the spot.

Featuring a two-piece offset seam alder body and a maple neck and rosewood fretboard, the Master Built Joe Strummer Esquire also boasts a Josephina hand-wound ’55/’56 bridge pickup, letting you tap into those clanky tones heard on ‘Guns Of Brixton’ and ‘London Calling’ with ease.

The guitar also features a custom relic finish to replicate the original wear and tear from Strummer’s heavy-handed playing style, as well as the racing strip and Bourbon Street sticker added to Strummer’s own model.

Other specs include a traditional three-saddle ’59 Tele bridge as well as Schaller mini-tuners, with the guitar also coming in a custom hardcase.

Fender Joe Strummer Campfire Acoustic

While Strummer was perhaps better known for his hard-edged rhythm playing with The Clash, he also asserted himself as an acoustic-slinging punk poet in the latter stages of his career through a series of campfire performances at Glastonbury Festival – a tradition that continues even today via the festival’s Strummerville area.

As a celebration of this legacy, Fender have also launched the Joe Strummer Campfire Acoustic, a small-bodied acoustic which was previously detailed at NAMM earlier in January.

Boasting a shorter scale length of 24.1″, the Campfire Acoustic features a solid spruce top with mahogany being used for the back and sides, as well as a tilt-back Fender headstock for a unique appearance.

It’s also constructed with eye-catching star inlays on the walnut fretboard, and features a custom soundhole label with a Campfire logo to link back to its Glastonbury origins. Should you need to plug it in, however, the Campfire acoustic also features an onboard Fishman preamp, making it a nifty guitar for all your upcoming expeditions.

Additionally, Fender have released a number of accessories to tie in with the launch of both Joe Strummer guitars, with two straps, a pick tin and a signature cable being made available by their webstore.

Find out more about the Joe Strummer Collection via Fender Music Australia.