Ernie Ball shipping Cloud Comfort Strap range!

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Ernie Ball shipping Cloud Comfort Strap range!

Ernie Ball Cloud Comfort Straps
Words by Mixdown staff

Available in varying lengths, the Ernie Ball Cloud Comfort range is true to its name!

We here at Mixdown are really big on comfort, as well as being Les Paul devotees, which usually don’t go hand in hand. That was until the Ernie Ball range of straps expanded to include the Cloud Comfort Strap range that are comfy as a … well, you get it.

Ernie Ball Cloud Comfort Strap

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The Ernie Ball Cloud Comfort strap incorporates air cell technology, offering an optimal cushioning solution for musicians who experience discomfort due to prolonged playing. This strap is designed for players of all types who have had shoulder discomfort and have attempted and been unsuccessful with other strap designs. The unique AirCell core technology makes this guitar strap stronger and more comfortable to wear, evenly dispersing the weight of your instrument across your shoulder and back; our neoprene strap is attached to long-lasting leather ends and fastened to polypropylene webbing via an acetal plastic loop slide. It provides a snug fit without being too stiff or bouncy. Due to the wide surface of the 2” and 3” air cell shoulder pads, you can be sure that the strap will be comfortable, moisture repellent, and glide easily over skin or clothes. Two widths – 2.32” and 3.32” – are available to purchase with an adjustable length (43” to 51”).

For local enquiries, visit Ernie Ball Australia.