Ernie Ball releases flatwound electric guitars strings

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Ernie Ball releases flatwound electric guitars strings

Ernie Ball Flatwound
Words by Mixdown staff

Slinky Flatwound strings are now available in guitar sets!

Ernie Ball Strings

Ernie Ball are undisputed royalty in the world of guitar strings. Flatwound strings are common and popular amongst jazz, soul and blues players, with the early days of rock and roll, rockabilly and pop all being played, performed and recorded on guitars with flatwound strings. They add impart their own unique tonality, and might just be the missing ingredient in your pursuit for tone.

Slinky Flatwound Strings

Ernie Ball Slinky Flatwound Electric Guitar Strings combine the classic, roundwound Slinky tone, and effortless playability you love, with the beautifully smooth texture and reduced finger noise of a traditional flatwound. Wound with a patented cobalt alloy ribbon, the result is a set of strings perfect for any player looking to add an entirely new enhancement to their sonic arsenal. Sets include Regular (10-46), Power (11-48), and Super (9- 42) Slinky gauges. These sets are wound with a patented cobalt alloy ribbon for a round sound with a flat feel and feature a plain g string for easy bending and soloing.

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Flat Feel

Patented Cobalt alloy ribbon wrap wire is precisely polished to provide the smoothest possible feel with the least amount of finger noise.

Round Sound

By using our Cobalt alloy ribbon wire we are able to preserve that classic Slinky tone.

Plain G

A plain G string along with lighter gauge combinations allow for easy bending and soloing compared to traditional flatwound strings.

For more info, visit Ernie Ball Australia here.